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När du använder vår webbplats kan vi samla in personuppgifter via exempelvis cookies. Det här görs dock endast via ett separat samtycke. Då lagras informationen om din användning och vilka sidor som besöks. Det kan vara teknisk information om din enhet och internetuppkoppling såsom operativsystem, webbläsarversion, IP-adress, cookies och unika identifierare. Vid besök på våra webbplatser där våra tjänster tillhandahålls, kan olika tekniker användas för att känna igen dig i syfte att lära oss mer om våra användare. Det här kan ske direkt eller genom användning av teknik från tredje part. Om du önskar bli glömd på vår webbplats så tömmer du dina cookies på vår webbplats enligt instruktioner ifrån den webbläsare du använder.

Privacy Highlights

Augusta Glass is a chain of ice cream shops who is passionate about making ice cream and providing an excellent experience.
We understand that you are aware and care of your personal privacy interest and this privacy notice describes our policies and practices regarding the collection and use of your personal data and sets forth your privacy rights. We take your privacy seriously and will from time to time update this privacy notice as we undertake new personal data practices or adopt new privacy policies.

Privacy Summary

This website is operated by TNH Nordic AB, reg no.: 559231-5682 (“TNH Nordic”, “Augusta”, “Augusta Glass”, “we”, “us”) a company incorporated under Swedish law whose principal place of business is at Järnvägsgatan 28, 216 14, Limhamn, Sweden.

Through this website you may learn about our products and services, submit a job application, sign up for our newsletter or order different ice cream, coffee and tea related products.

You will be able to access most of the website without registering your personal data with Augusta Glass. We do however use cookies, which provides us with personal data about you. You can read more about our cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Certain sections of the website require that you provide us with some information about yourself. Such sections may include, for example, the page for recruitment when you submit a job application with us, or the page for ordering catering. These sections may ask you to provide information such as, but not limited to, your name, your email and your telephone number and occasionally, in connection with some of our activities, your address and other relevant information.

For the specific services as recruiting or services managed by our affiliates, such as the webshop for buying ice cream related products, which you may access from, the specific Terms and/or Privacy Policy of the relevant Service will apply.

We are part of a group of shops and share administrative systems. We may therefore share some or all of your personal data with affiliates for administrative purposes, or for the legitimate business purposes described below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Revised: May 7th 2021.

1. Introduction

Welcome to! Augusta Glass is a chain of ice cream who is passionate about producing ice cream and delivering a great experience when visiting our shops! This website is operated by TNH Nordic AB, reg no.: 559231-5682 (“TNH Nordic”, “Augusta”, “Augusta Glass”, “we”, “us”) a company incorporated under Swedish law whose principal place of business is at Järnvägsgatan 28, 216 14, Limhamn, Sweden.

This Privacy Notice is therefore applicable on the websites and services provided by TNH Nordic AB, reg no.: 559231-5682.

Augusta Glass consist of the shops in Järnvägsgatan 28, 21614 Limhamn and on Kaj306, Malmö.

Through this website you may learn about our products and services, submit a job application, sign up for our newsletter and order different ice cream, coffee and tea related products.

This Privacy Notice describes our policies and practices regarding its collection and use of your personal data and sets forth your privacy rights, for when you browse our website, or use certain functions of the website. Please note that some of our sites contain links to third party products whose personal information policies differ from ours. If you enter personal data in any of these products, your information will be processed in accordance with their respective privacy policy.

Please Note: For the specific services as recruitment and services managed by our affiliates, such as the webshop for buying ice cream, tea and coffee related products, which you may access from, the specific Terms and/or Privacy Policy of the relevant Service will apply.

We recognise that privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and so we will from time to time update this Privacy Notice as we undertake new personal data practices or adopt new privacy policies.

2. Our Principles

We do our best to protect your privacy by using security technology appropriately. This means that:

We make sure that we have appropriate security measures to protect your information; and

We make sure that when we ask another organization to provide a service for us, they have appropriate security measures.

We will respect your privacy. You should receive marketing (whether by email, post, SMS or telephone) only from us and, if you agree, from other organizations we have carefully chosen.

We will make sure it is clear when you can make choices regarding our marketing to you. When you place an order with us, we may offer you certain additional products, such as our email newsletter. You will always have the option to opt out of receiving these extra products if you do not wish to receive them. However, we may email you, or send you an SMS, occasionally with information or questions about your order.

We will collect and use individual user details only if we have your permission or we have sensible business reasons for doing so, such as collecting enough information to manage orders or subscriptions.

We will be clear in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use it.

We will use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected, and we will make sure we delete it securely.

If we or our service providers transfer any information out of the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant protection (stated under applicable data protection legislation) being in place.

3. Personal data that we collect

Collection of personal data
Augusta Glass collects personal data about its customers and website visitors. We do not sell personal information to anyone and only share it with third parties who are facilitating the delivery of our products and services. For more on this, see Section 5.

Personal data you provide to us
When using certain functions of the website, you provide us with personal information directly. When you place a catering order or submit a job application with us we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • your name and/or company name
  • your email address; and
  • your mobile phone number

When applicable we may also ask you to provide us with additional information, such as debit or credit card information, or previous work experience.

Personal data we collect when you visit our website – use of cookies
When you visit our website, we collect certain information about you, for the purposes described in section 4.

As is true of most other websites, our website collects certain information automatically and stores it in log files, to generate statistics and measure site activity. This information may include IP addresses, web beacons, the region or general location of your computer or device, browser type, operating system and other usage information about the use of our website, including a history of the pages you view. Read more about the use of cookies in the above first section, "Om cookies".

Your correspondence with Augusta Glass
If you correspond with us by email, the postal service, or other form of communication, we may retain such correspondence and the information contained in it (such as name, email, contact information and any personal identifiable information you provide in free text form) and use it to respond to your inquiry; to notify you of publications or other services; or to keep a record of your complaint, question, request, and the like. As always, if you wish to have Augusta Glass “erase” your personal information or otherwise refrain from communicating with you, please contact us at [email protected].

Note: if you ask Augusta Glass not to contact you by email at a certain email address, Augusta Glass will retain a copy of that email address on its “master do not send” list in order to comply with your no-contact request.

What happens if you do not provide us with your data
You can use our website without providing us with your personal data. However, you will not be able to submit a job application or order catering without providing Augusta Glass with essential data for the performance of the contract.

You can choose to only enter the minimal amount of mandatory information when making a purchase.

4. How and why we use your personal data

We use your personal data for the purposes described below

Managing orders: When you place a webshop order with us, we need certain information to manage and complete your order. For the purposes of preparing your order, contacting you with information about your order, as well as administering your payment, we process your name, your contact information, as well as any additional necessary information such as billing address or credit card details.

Providing you with relevant marketing – browsing our sites: When you browse our website, we collect information about what you click on. This information is stored and saved, so we will recognise you when you return to our website at a later date. We do this so we can better understand your preferences and interests, so that we can show you relevant content on our site. If you for example have browsed a certain section of our website before, you may see advertisement from specific products from that section next time you visit the website, since we believe that these are products you will be particularly interested in.

Providing you with relevant marketing – email and post: When you place an order with us, either with our catering service, or in our product shop, you will be asked to provide us with information such as your email address and your shipping address. This information will be used for, in addition to the purpose of managing your order, marketing purposes. We appreciate you as a customer, and we hope that you will keep coming back to Augusta Glass. To keep you updated about Augusta Glass we will send you newsletters and advertisement about our products and services. We may also offer you our newsletter, free of charge. If you do not wish to receive these offers, you will always have the option to opt out of receiving them, by not clicking relevant boxes when you are asked to provide your email or shipping/billing address. If you first wish to receive these offers and newsletters, but then change your mind, you can always contact us at [email protected] to manage or cancel your subscription.

Security: We use data to protect the security of our products, services and customers, to detect and prevent fraud and to resolve disputes and to enforce our agreements.

Statistics, analytics, and service improvement: We collect and store IP addresses, device location, browser type, operating system and other usage information about the use of our website, including a history of the pages you view to help us design our site to better suit our users’ needs. We may also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website, analyse trends, track visitor movements, and gather broad demographic information that assists us in identifying visitor preferences. For statistical purposes we store information about how many individual visitors to our website we have, and how often these individual users visit our website. We collect and store this information to better understand our customers’ needs and interests, so that we can develop and improve our services in the future. For more information about the use of cookies, please read our Cookie Policy.

Customer support/Communication with you: As is mentioned above in section 3, certain information that you provide to us when you contact us is stored and processed in order to best manage your inquiry with us. Additionally, when you place an order with us, or submit a job application, your contact information will be stored in order for us to quickly gain access to your order details, so we can help you with your inquiry as effectively as possible.

Other Purposes: If we intend to use any personal data in any manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Notice, you will be informed of such anticipated use prior to or at the time the personal data is collected, or we will obtain your permission subsequent to such collection but prior to such use.

5. When and how we share information with others

We share your personal data with your consent or as necessary for the completion of any transaction or for the performance of any contract, or when we have legitimate business reasons for doing so.

When you provide payment data to pay for your purchases through our website, we will share this payment data with banks and other entities that process payment transactions or provide other financial services, and for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.

For the purpose of managing your order, or managing our recruitment process, we may disclose your personal information to our affiliates and service partners (i.e. companies we’ve hired to provide customer support, hosting our systems, assist in protecting and securing our systems, or assist us in our recruitment processes) that are entrusted to process your information on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Notice and other appropriate measures for privacy and security.

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties if we have good reasons to believe that access, use, retention or disclosure of such information is reasonable necessary to:

  • comply with any court order, governmental order or decision, or other legal obligation,
  • enforce or apply our agreements,
  • manage and maintain the security of our products, including preventing or stopping an attack our computer system or network, and
  • protect the rights, property, or safety of Augusta Glass, its customer or others.
6. Data subject rights

General information
Augusta Glass complies with current data protection laws in the European Union, which, when applicable, include the following rights:

  • You are free to request access to a record of your processing (as defined in the law), and you have the right to access to a copy of your personal data, request a correction and, in certain circumstances, deletion of your personal data,
  • You are entitled to request restriction, and object to the processing, of your personal information which has as its basis our legitimate interests,
  • You have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority.
  • The Swedish Data Protection Authority (Sw. ‘Datainspektionen’) is the authority in Sweden that oversees how we as a company comply with relevant data protection legislation.

If processing of personal data is based on your consent, you are entitled to withdraw your consent for future processing of your personal information at any time.

You are entitled to request that we provide your personal information to another organisation responsible for processing your personal data (controller) in cases where our right to process your personal data is based either on your consent or performance of an agreement with you.

You will have reasonable access to your personal information at no extra cost, if you request this via [email protected]. If we cannot provide you with this within a reasonable time frame, we will provide you with a date for when the information can be provided. If such access is denied, we will explain to you why access has been denied.

When processing your personal information, we will do so in cooperation with our affiliates in order to offer you the products and services you use and have ordered, operate our business, meet our contractual and legal obligations, protect our systems and customers, or meet the legitimate interests as described in detail in the sections ”How and why we use your personal data” and ”When and how we share information with others” above. When we transfer personal data from the European Union, we make it based on a number of legal mechanisms, as described in the section ”Data storage and retention”

To what extent do we use automated individual decision-making (including profiling)?
As a rule, we do not make decisions based on automated processing and profiling that will have legal effect for you as defined in Article 22 GDPR. If, in the future, we were to use such procedures on a case-by-case basis, we will inform you separately and request your consent before such new use of your personal data, to the extent required by law.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Information on your right to object under article 21 of the EU
Right to object to processing which is based on our legitimate interests. You have the right to object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to the processing of personal data concerning you which is based on article 6 (1) f) GDPR (processing for the purposes of safeguarding legitimate interests); this includes any profiling based on those provisions within the meaning of article 4 (4) GDPR. If you lodge an objection, we will no longer process your personal data unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms or unless the processing is for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

If you choose to refrain from receiving interest-based advertising, it does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements on our web sites without the advertisements displayed will not be appropriate for you and therefore, are perceived as less relevant. See more under the section ”Data subject rights” below.

  1. Right to object to the processing of data for marketing purposes. In certain cases, we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to object at any time to processing of personal data concerning yourself for such marketing, which includes profiling to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing. If you object to processing for direct marketing purposes, we will no longer processes your personal data for such purposes. There are no formal requirements for lodging an objection; where possible it should be made by contacting us at [email protected].

Note: if you ask Augusta Glass not to contact you by email at a certain email address, Augusta Glass will retain a copy of that email address on its “master do not send” list in order to comply with your no-contact request.

7. Security of your information

To help protect the privacy of data and personally identifiable information you transmit through use of our website, we maintain physical, technical and administrative safeguards. We update and test our security technology on an ongoing basis.

We restrict access to your personal data to those employees who need to know this information to provide services to you or to administer our systems. In addition, we train our employees about the importance of confidentiality and maintaining the privacy and security of your information.

We commit to taking appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce our employees’ privacy responsibilities

8. Data storage and retention

Personal data handled by Augusta Glass is stored and processed in the region in which you live, in Sweden or in other European countries where Augusta Glass, its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners or suppliers are active. We take steps to ensure that the information we collect in accordance with this Privacy Notice is dealt with in accordance with the provisions of this Notice and in accordance with applicable laws where the information is available.

If we were to transfer your personal data to third countries, i.e. countries outside the EU / EEA, we will enter into agreements and take other measures in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Augusta Glass retains personal data for as long as necessary to be able to provide you with our services, and to fulfil the purposes set out in section 4 above. Different types of data may be stored different amounts of time, due to certain criteria.

The criteria that determines how long we store your personal data may be:
How long is the personal data needed for us to be able to provide you with products and services? This includes, among other things, maintaining and improving the products and services, protecting our systems, and administering necessary business and accounting information. This is the general rule underlying the calculation of most storage periods.

Is the personal data considered sensitive? In these cases, the storage period is usually shorter.
Have you, as a data subject, consented to a longer storage period? In these cases, we store the information longer, with your consent.

Do we have legal, contractual or other similar obligations to store the data? Examples of this may include mandatory legislation on retention of information, such as for accounting reasons, government orders to store data which is relevant for surveys or data that must be retained for resolving a possible dispute.

For more information on where and how long your personal data is stored, and for more information on your rights of erasure and portability, please contact the Augusta Glass privacy team at [email protected].

9. Exclusions

Aggregated data: Aggregated data is collected and processed to monitor and evaluate user trends on the website. This means that information about your actions on our website is collected and then anonymised in a way that means we cannot link the information back to you any longer. We use this anonymous information about how our users use our website and services for statistics, service improvement and product development. This data will be completely anonymous and does not constitute personal data. It may therefore be stored a longer time than your personal information.

Anonymisation means that data which was once personal information is stripped away of anything that may connect it to an individual, as well as being severed from anything that in the future might make it possible to reconnect this data to an individual. This de-personalisation treatment of data is one step further than the process of pseudonymisation, which means keeping certain information apart, to make it harder to identify an individual using this data.

Third Party Links: This Privacy Notice does not apply to any personal data that you provide to another user through the website or through any other means. Any third party links you click on via our website may be subject to these third parties’ privacy policies, terms or other rules. Please make sure you read the respective privacy information for each third party whose links you click in, to keep yourself up to date about the processing of your personal data.

Children: Augusta Glass does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of thirteen (13). If you are under the age of thirteen (13), please do not submit any personal data through our website. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s Internet usage and to help enforce our Privacy Notice by instructing their children never to provide personal data through the website without their permission. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided personal data to us through the website, please email us at [email protected]., and we will endeavor to delete that information from our databases

10. Changes and updates to the Privacy Notice

We will update our Privacy Notice when needed to reflect customer feedback, and changes to the Service. When the Notice is updated, the latest update date is shown at the top of the Notice and the changes are described on the Change History page.
If there are major changes in the Notice or how Augusta Glass uses your personal information, you will be notified via web or email before the changes come into force to the extent required by law.
Please read this Privacy Notice from time to time to keep you informed about how Augusta Glass protects your personal information and privacy.

11. Questions, concerns or complaints

Responsible for Swedish customers and users lies with:

TNH Nordic AB, reg no.: 559231-5682, Järnvägsgatan 28, 216 14, Limhamn, Sverige

Tel. no. 070 241 6426, E-mail: [email protected]

To ask questions or comment about our Privacy Notice and our privacy practices, contact our group privacy team at the above contact channels.

Behandling av personuppgifter när du söker jobb hos oss

När du söker jobb hos oss behandlas uppgifter i enlighet med EU:s dataskyddsförordning GDPR samt tillhörande nationell lagstiftning.

Nedan kan du läsa om hur vi ser på ansvaret att hantera dina personuppgifter och hur vi gör i praktiken. Det är viktigt att du tar del av och förstår denna information så att du känner dig trygg med vår hantering av dina personuppgifter.

Vad är personuppgifter? 
Personuppgifter är uppgifter som samlas in i samband med en jobbansökan som t.ex. CV, personligt brev, namn, födelsedatum, adress, telefonnummer, foto, kön, tidigare arbetslivserfarenhet, betyg, utbildning, personliga egenskaper och familjeförhållanden. Personuppgifter samlas även in vid eventuella intervjuer, och kan också samlas in i samband med referenstagning inför anställning. Eventuella testresultat (personlighetstest och förmågetest) som ingår i rekryteringsprocessen kan också innehålla personuppgifter.

Vad ska uppgifterna användas till och hur länge sparas uppgifterna?
Augusta Glass använder personuppgifterna för att hantera din ansökan.

Ansökningshandlingarna och de personuppgifter som samlats in enligt ovan sparas, med intresseavvägning som rättslig grund, i 2 år från det att rekryteringsprocessen för din senast sökta tjänst avslutats. Därefter raderas uppgifterna.

Om du ger oss samtycke till att dina personuppgifter sparas i vår rekryteringsdatabas för framtida rekryteringsprocesser kommer personuppgifterna att lagras tills dess att du återkallar ditt samtycke (vilket du kan göra när som helst genom att kontakta oss) eller så länge du kan komma att vara aktuell för rekrytering i upp till 3 år.

Vem kan ta del av uppgifterna?
Uppgifterna är tillgängliga för rekryterande personer inom Augusta Glass. Uppgifterna sparas i Augusta Glasss rekryteringsdatabas.

Vid eventuell kontakt med externt rekryteringsföretag för genomförande av tester och intervju får även rekryteringsföretaget tillgång till dina personuppgifter.

Borttagning, ändring eller utdrag av uppgifter
Du har rätt att få information om vilka uppgifter Augusta Glass har om dig. Du kan även begära att vi rättar felaktiga uppgifter eller raderar information om dig. Du har också rätt att dra tillbaka ditt samtycke. Vi kommer då att ta bort din ansökan samt radera de personuppgifter som är förenade med ansökningen från vår rekryteringsdatabas.

Vi använder oss av lämpliga tekniska och organisatoriska åtgärder för att skydda de personuppgifter som behandlas enligt GDPR.

TNH Nordic AB, reg no.: 559231-5682, är personuppgiftsansvarig för behandlingen av dina personuppgifter. Telefonnummer 070 241 6426.

För begäran om registerutdrag/ändra/radera uppgifter samt övriga frågor gällande personuppgiftshantering kontakta rekryterande chef för den aktuella tjänsten, eller maila [email protected]